5 Things I Like About Hong Kong

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

When I was a child, I would often read books about different countries and its people. This has lead me to believe that indeed, there are so many things to learn and discover outside PH and so since then, it has been my distant dream to be able to travel and live outside the Philippines.

I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to become an expat in one of Asia's bustling city - Hong Kong.  I'm in my second year of living here and it's definitely been one of the most memorable experiences I have so far!

And so today, I would like to share with you guys the five things I like about Hong Kong.

Photos: Butuan City Church Wedding

Friday, February 02, 2018

To kick off this year's blogs, here's a glimpse of our church wedding held last January 6, 2018 at Sto. NiƱo Diocesan Shrine, Butuan City.

Jose and I were civilly married for more than a year but as Catholics, we've always considered being married in the church as the real thing and finally, we got God's blessings!

Bridal accessories

Name Correction On Cebu Pacific Booking

Friday, January 13, 2017
Have you ever had reasons to correct your name in your Cebu Pacific booking? Be it a misspelled name or you entered the wrong surname or for whatever other reasons that your name is wrong in your reservation, don't fret as Cebu Pacific's got you covered. 

In my case, it was an issue with my passport. The booking was under my married but due to my new passport not being released on time,  I have to use my old passport with my maiden name on it. 

I admit I don't handle stress very well. Adding to the fact that my flight was close, my initial reaction after learning that I won't get my passport on time was to worry and panic. I researched online for solutions but there were only a few resources about it. I can't even find one in Cebu Pacific's website aside from instructing me to contact their call center. Calling them is not my cup of tea as you would probably know how much of a pain it is to wait for someone from there to answer your call.